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Guided by its corporate values, the Maabarot Group contributes annually to institutions, organizations, and associations serving disabled and sick children; as well as to educational projects that build skills, encourage growth, stimulate excellence, and promote humanistic values of mutual respect and respect for the environment.

In times of crisis and disaster, in Israel or abroad, the Maabarot Group is among the first to donate goods for those in need.

For many years, Maabarot Products has “adopted” the Arazim Boarding School for children and youth at risk. Project managers and employees from Maabarot lead special activities at Arazim throughout the year, participate in renovating and upgrading buildings, and provide support, tutoring, and other kinds of enrichment to the children.

Many of the activities and initiatives for the benefit of society originate from employee initiatives, which are then promoted by the Maabarot Group’s management.

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