Algaia develops, manufactures and markets natural marine-extract products and solutions, primarily from seaweeds, for the food, agro-nutrition, personal-care and pharmaceutical industries using eco-friendly proprietary biotechnologies.

Headquartered in Paris, Algaia was founded in 2010 and developed and patented various extraction technologies to produce flavor and specialty compounds from natural raw materials.

In 2014, the company tapped into the field of seaweed, a renewable material requiring no cultivation land or irrigation. A strategic alliance enabled Algaia to expand its product portfolio to carrageenan — natural red seaweed extracts widely used to reduce fat and replace animal derived ingredients in the food, personal-care, and dietary supplements industries.

In 2016, Algaia acquired Alganact SA, a start-up specializing in fresh seaweed extracts, and opened a new R&D center in Saint-Lô, France. In early 2017, Algaia completed the acquisition of Cargill’s alginate business and manufacturing plant in Lannilis, Brittany, France.

Algaia has been part of Maabarot Products since January 2017.

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