Biopet Ltd. of the Maabarot Products Group is Israel’s oldest and leading manufacturer and marketer of pet food and accessories. We believe that pets are part of the family, so we’ve created a high-quality product offering to assure your pet’s health and wellness, covering five very important aspects of their lives – nutrition, health, grooming, sleep and environment and friendship.

Biopet, which was founded in 1972, is the Israeli pioneer in the production of dry dog and cat food. Thanks to our uncompromising attention to quality, over the years we have acquired a reputation in Israel as well among the world’s leading companies, which have chosen us to represent them in the Israeli pet market.

Today, we market our products – which include dry and wet food and accessories – to over 500 pet shops all over Israel, to breeders and to food chains. Biopet also exports its products and is the controlling shareholder of the Kuzey Pet distribution company, which caters to the pet and veterinary market in Turkey.

In Israel, Biopet manufactures a range of leading pet food brands: Bonzo for dogs, and La Cat, Super Cat and Georgy for cats, as well as bird food and food for rodents under the Ribos and Machoo brands.

Biopet is also the official Israeli representative of a variety of leading international pet brands, such as the award-winning, elite pet food maker ACANA – Orijen of Canada, and manufacturers of pet food, treats, hygiene and grooming products and accessories such as Ferplast, Perrigo, Schesir, Vitakraft, Versele-Laga, Kaytee and others.

Biopet invests greatly in R&D, production, packaging and quality assurance. Thanks to the combination of our highly professional, carefully chosen people, who include veterinarians, researchers and scientists; cutting-edge production technologies and an advanced quality control laboratory, Biopet is certified according to international stringent standards.

Our production facility, which uses advanced manufacturing and packaging technologies, including extrusion and automatic packaging with no human intervention, has HACCP and ISO 9001 certifications, and all our products satisfy AAFCO requirements and are certified by the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture.

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