dayzz is an innovative digital sleep solution, providing personalized sleep training plans to individuals across the US.

dayzz’ machine learning engine enables assessment of common sleep problems. Based on big data analysis, the app constantly adjusts users’ training plans to fit their needs and progress, and offers the right intervention at the right time, with continuous support and unique motivational strategies.

dayzz offers its sleep solution to US employers and payers to increase productivity, enhance well-being, optimize usage of the healthcare system and reduce associated costs.

Based on the vast amounts of data gathered, employers receive periodic overview reports, presenting aggregated data about their employees’ sleep status to help them better understand how to further improve employee experience and performance.

Therapeutic use for insomnia treatment is currently under investigation and not available for sale in the United States. The company is led by an experienced team in the fields of business, technology, and clinical treatment. For more information, visit

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