Halavit, the agricultural and veterinary department of Maabarot Products, established in 1964, develops and manufactures nutritious milk substitutes for calves, lambs, goats, piglets, foals, and even elephants.

Halavit’s research-and-development department carries out controlled testing in cattle and sheep farms in collaboration with government research institutions, veterinarians, and private breeders. Halavit’s pellet formula for calves, lambs, and goats during the weaning period, for example, is manufactured by extrusion – a special process that greatly improves the availability and digestibility of the nutrients.

Halavit uses a sophisticated and advanced laboratory for testing the raw materials and the finished milk substitutes, and also provides fodder testing services.

All Halavit products are made and packaged in compliance with stringent quality-control standards, including ISO 9001/2008 And HACCP. They are marketed in Israel through Phibro Israel.

Visit our website at: www.halavit.com

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