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Laboratoria Natury of Poland (LN) was established in 2001 to manufacture high-quality natural products to support health and well-being. LN were the first company to introduce aloe and noni juices, beta glucan, colloidal silver as well as products with bioperine, into the Polish market.

In 2016, LN transitioned into contract manufacturing of functional beverages, liquid supplements and Class 1 and 2 medical devices from concept to shelf. The end-to-end process includes product formulation, preparation, lab tests, and package design.

Laboratoria Natury also can provide off-the-shelf solutions for pharma and food industry such as syrups, capsules, tonics, oils, functional drinks, juices and many other products, which can be available in bioorganic, kosher and halal versions.

Innovation, quality, and effectiveness are of key importance. All production processes at Laboratoria Natury are in compliance with the ISO 9001:2009, 22000:2205 Quality Management and HACCP Food Safety systems.

Laboratoria Natury has been part of Maabarot Products since 2011.

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